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Unravelling the Labyrinth of AI Myths while pursuing AI

Artificial intelligence is the harbinger of doom, destroyer of employments and pure science fiction. As the world progresses each day billions of new innovations are created and it is conceivable that humankind will achieve a point where artificial intelligence is as typical in one’s life as cell phone is today. In these circumstances, pessimists and doom mongers have joined forces in suggesting that artificial intelligence is the harbinger of doom, destroyer of employments and pure science fiction. The controversies over the threats of AI are perhaps one of the greatest paradigms of modern era. The fear mongers are receiving most of the spotlight in the media, which is regrettable. But actually, their claims are nothing more than myths. The enigma of the situation is so complex that it leaves the common person perplexed; he is not able to distinguish between the reality and fantasy. So here is a run-through of some basic misconceptions, and frequently peddled mistruths, which often come up when the subject is discussed, as well as reasons why you shouldn’t necessarily buy them.

Demystifying all myths

1. AI is going to replace all jobs:-

The advent of AI and automation has a potential of seriously disrupting labour. However, seeing this as a straight forward transfer from humans to robots is a vast oversimplification. It is just possible that through AI we will be able to utilize our work force efficiently to achieve a more productive economy and not to end entire department of YOUR JOB.

2. Only low skilled workers will be replaced by AI

This is nothing but delusion. AI robots are carrying out work usually reserved for higher class professionals, such as doctors and lawyers. Both these professions involve technically complex procedures.

3. Computers will be better than humans:-

Although we may come regularly across computers which are better than us at a particular task, it is likely to be a while before we come across a computer who can beat us at pretty much everything.

4. Computers will quickly overtake human intelligence:-

ntelligence is measured in many different dimensions, in some of them computers already outclass us, while in others, such as innovation skills, emotion intelligence and strategic thinking, they are nowhere near us. For now the human brain is still smarter than all around it.

5. Robot turning evil:-

Right now, it’s highly unlikely anyone would think about building or deploying an autonomous machine with the potential to “make up its mind” to hurt and turn against its human creators. But all the same, you should be on your guard.

6. Robots taking over world:-

The theoretical situation will be that robots either create self-conservation instincts, or re-interpret protection of human life to imply that people ought to be taken under automated control. As it is far-fetched that anybody would manufacture machines with the offices to complete these activities self-governing, this is probably not going to be a prompt issue. Would it occur later on? It’s a probability, yet if you are going to stress over sci-fi dangers than rest assured that alien invasions will get to us first.

7. Neural network are like biological networks:-

Neural network cannot even hope to reach the complexity of human brain. Neural networks can only understand very simple inputs in the typical 1 or 0 (“yes” or “no”) machine fashion. It’s like comparing the complexity of a military aircraft to a kite just because they can both fly.

8. Robotics and AI are same:-

Both AI and robotics are completely different fields. Robotics refers to technology behind robots programmed to perform a fixed set of tasks autonomously or semi autonomously, using sensors and actuators; whereas AI is software built with algorithm to complete tasks which would have otherwise needed human intelligence. There is some overlap with AI powered robots, though the AI algorithm forms only a part of the larger robotics system.

9. AI can learn completely on its own:-

Despite some exaggerated hype about AI that was allegedly able to learn on its own, it is still impossible to find an AI-powered system that has any real-world application that can grow from zero knowledge without human assistance.

10. AI will be end of human race:-

Well, we can’t actually debunk this myth since it’s not a myth. It’s a reality. Brace yourselves, because resistance is futile. “Sometimes the best thing you can do is not to think, not wander, not imagine, and not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out fine”

By: Syed Saad Hasan Emad

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