Time for Students to Make Digital Presence Internationally

Time for students to make
digital prsence internartionally

Imagine a world where technology shapes how we live , work , play , imagine …

Imagine a world where technology shapes how we live, work and play, imagine a world where technology helps solve our world’s toughest problems, Imagine the next new idea to the world’s existing problem came from you, worth cash, travel and the honor to go back home as winners of ‘Olympics of technology’, Imagine the recognition worldwide and living with it, dream it. Though sounds rhetorical, Microsoft is actually enabling the young aspirants to aim that big with a global competition named “Microsoft Imagine Cup”. With aim to foster high-tech revolutionizing projects and to empower computer science students, this competition is all about creativity, passion and knowledge. Started in 2003, this competition has now grown to one of the world’s prestigious student’s contest with final every year held in Seattle, USA. Teams all over the world compete at regional levels to qualify for final championship.

Imagine Cup’s Winner have always been those team whose projects possess potential to affect Millions. For instance, last year, a Czech Republic team named X.GLU won the Imagine cup by proposing solution to one of the biggest medical challenges of the 21st century i.e. Diabetes. As Diabetes mellitus is a non-curable disease and only key to its successful treatment is relieving its symptoms and slowing the progression, they proposed innovative custom smart glucose meter for children with diabetes. Their device is thinner, button-free, customizable and most importantly low cost unlike any glucose meter available, now. Capable of transmitting data to cloud, controlled by smart phone and powered by NFC connection, this project totally outclassed competitors getting them $100,000 winning price.

Though, there is a long list of such outstanding winning ideas in Imagine Cup’s history. But sadly, no one from Pakistan is in that list. I believe, this is not because Pakistani students aren’t capable of thinking or building things but probably because they lack in clear direction. To compete in today’s changing world, Pakistani students should adopt skills of applied learning, creative thinking and research methodologies while aiming to solve local or international problems.

Owing to plethora of scientific advancements, AI is becoming the most attractive field for students aiming for entrepreneurial career, and with dozens of MOOC available online, AI is providing the necessary launch-pad to young aspirants. Specifically, this situation is more advantageous for engineering students as they can use their knowledge and spare time to make commercially viable AI-based projects which can be commercialized for better good.

Although, there can be hundreds of AI application, only few deep learning ideas are considered below:

Deep Learning based Sentiment Analysis for Prediction of Stock Price Movements:

The goal of this project is to create a working DNN that should be able to perform sentiment analysis of news, twitter or other sources data for predicting stock price movements. This can be achieved by applying deep learning for prediction. DNN can be trained by data from some selective stocks of NASDAQ or from any other but acquiring/scraping legitimate data for neural network training should be the real challenge of this project.

Deep learning for return price prediction and portfolio construction:

Deep learning can also be used the same way for return price prediction after training DNN.

Deep Learning for designing predictive controller:

This kind of deep learning based predictive controller can be used for cyber-physical systems and robotics applications. Nullifying the necessity of control law design, these controllers are data-driven in nature and will heart of Industry 4.0.

Deep learning for Healthcare:

Deep learning is playing a major role in computer-aided detection, quantitative imaging, decision support tools and computer-aided diagnosis. The projects in this area are considered to be most rewarding and are not limited to monitoring apps, personalized medicine prediction, diagnostic on the basis of data etc.

By: Muhammad Affan

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