The Future : The Good, The Bad, The Obvious, And The Unpredictability In Between

The Future : The Good, The Bad, The Obvious, And The Unpredictability In Between

The invention of the transistor was the biggest breakthrough of the 20th Century …

The invention of the transistor was the biggest breakthrough of the 20th century, which shaped the structure of the present world. The advent of the new technology brought impeccable changes to the world. We observe things are better sorted out when are dealt with experience, so why is that when a new more powerful technology – Artificial Intelligence comes around it is dealt with a great amount of fear, tons of myths, and loads of disagreements?

When one talks about the future of AI we all think about the pros and cons which are not as perfectly balanced like any other new great breakthrough. When we analyze the brighter aspect of the future we can imagine a new changed world. A world in which one can predict and expect some commendable developments, like challenging and combating hazardous disasters, which in today’s era are marked as mankind’s helpless limitations. We can imagine a world which is much more efficient and safer as it combats human errors and promises an improved environment influencing our daily errands. Influencing fields like Medicine – curing and detecting deadly diseases and outbreaks in stages it can be healed and timely dealt with, solving climate change dealing with power crisis etc.

However, with all these advantages there is a whole different picture to see while analyzing the future of this new technology. The fact that it can outgrow and surpass human intelligence is where one may perceive that the all these glitters might actually burn our eyes in return. Because of the very characteristic fear that lies within the unpredictability; which gives rise to even more theories, myths and superstitions.

The biggest threat is, as they say, we are diligently creating our own masters- as Artificial Intelligence has the potential of efficiently replacing humans in key positions and fields and divert exponentially to goals assigned to it. Which to some extent is something to be afraid of ..as we go in blind we surround ourselves with this overwhelming unpredictability .As Eliezer Yudkowsky profoundly concluded this fact.

“By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

Hence amidst the whole new unpredictable wave of development to shape the future we should learn from the past – The Transistor breakthrough like Artificial Intelligence had its own set of problems to deal with and which were quite similar to the ones which we are dealing with AI -replacing humans was one of major concern too at that time but we eventually learned to control it and called the shots which were quite favorable for our side hence with the future right around the corner we should do what we did in the past: shape it. As Abraham Lincoln once said:

“The best way to predict your future is to create it ”

By: Kulsoom Rahim

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