Residential Recommendation System

Residential Recommendation System

Project Objective:

To recommend the user a suitable residence in the city in accordance with their mentality, thought process and general preferances.


Project Overview:

The app begins with the intro page where the user is briefed about the functionality of the application and the idea it was built upon. Furthermore, it also provides insight on Karachi and the places the user could explore in the city.  

The app would then move onto the analysis stage where the user would be asked general and personal questions for example, whether the user would prefer hanging out in large groups or have a small circle, whether the user prefers fine dine or inexpensive outings etc to determine the user’s mindset and thought process.

This information would then be used to recommend the user, suitable places, in compliance with their interests, to live in the city.



This project is solely being programmed on python.

Libraries used:

    For Data Handling:

  • Numpy
  • Pandas

    For Machine Learning:

  • Tensor Flow
  • Scikit learn







The functionality of the application is defined below:

Intro Page:

The intro page provides insight on the functionality of the application, the idea behind it and a little insight on Karachi.



This form receives general and personal information about the user which would be then used to determine what place is the best suitable for the user to live in. 

Results Page:

The results page shows the final result i.e. the best place suitable for the user to live in according to our algorithm.

The user can also click on the picture to view the location of the place suggested and explore nearby places virtually before making a decision.



Written by: Ali Murtaza & Haniya

Edited by: Syed Sannan Ali

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