Aritificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Aritificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence

“Does Artificial intelligence (AI) beat human intelligence?”

Yes, definitely this question comes in our mind since we can see the maximum capabilities of AI. At this era where we’re standing, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is a miracle invention of human brains.

In a short, we can say Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence which is been developed by a software or a machine. AI research is highly technical and specialized and is deeply divided into sub fields that often fail to communicate with each other.The Supreme area and problem where Artificial intelligence is working are reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing, perception and the ability to move and manipulate objects.

Human intelligence refers actually functions of our mind which are developed by the capabilities to learn from the past incidents, experiences, lessons from our parents, teachers, friends, and surroundings.

So what are the core differences between Human Intelligence(HI) and Artificial Intelligence(AI):

  1. Human intelligence is a specimen of the genuine circumstance where as AI is an attempt to model it. And in science, there is a differentiation between the actual circumstance and its equivalent model.
  2. HI uses content memory and schema but AI is using the built in, outlining by scientist memory.

HI is bigger but AI, as the name suggests, is artificial and temporary. HI is dependable but AI is not, though there are people who debate that human makes more mistakes compared to AI.

So, as we can see, what we’re thinking today and predicting about AI, AI proves and solve those complexities faster than our imaginations. So based on the recent illustrations and the differences between Human intelligence and Artificial intelligence, we can say, In near future AI have the potentialities that it can beat individual top intelligence human beings based on its own adaptive experiences, studies, and knowledge but when the question comes that whether it can develop its own intelligence by itself then answer will be “NO” which clearly refers its limitations to human intelligence.

By: Muhammad Abdur-Rehman siddiqui

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